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An Annual Celebration of Black History in New Jersey
Music and Tributes

Click on the Highlighted Text Links Below for Famous Speeches, Music and Favorite Highlights from Old Time African-American Radio and Television Stars.

Famous Speeches of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

Click Here For Martin Luther King

Click Here For Martin Luther King - Let Freedom Ring

Everyone's Favorite

Click Here For "Unforgettable"

Click Here For A Soft Mambo

The Last Recording of the late Jimmy Orion Ellis

Click Here if You've Lost Someone Dear and Need Reassurance That They Will Be With You Always

Music as the Mirror of the Soul

Click Here For Some Blues

Click Here for Some Jazz

Click Here For "Georgia On My Mind"

Click Here for "Deacon Blue"

Click Here For Old Time Blues Piano

Click Here For "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love"

Click Here For Down Home Blues Guitar

Click Here For Upbeat Bluesy Blues Rock

Click Here For "All Blues" - This Will Carry You Down Your Own Memory Lane

Click Here For "The Thrill Is Gone"

Click Here For "A Spooky Little Girl Like You"

Modern Music for The 20th and 21st Century

Click Here For "The Electric Slide"

Old Time Radio and TV Comes Alive with Amos 'N Andy!

Click Here For Amos 'n Andy - (The Kingfish and Andy = Bambooooooooozle")

Click Here For Amos 'n Andy - Kingfish and The Fur Coat

Click Here For Amos 'n Andy - Kingfish and Andy's Oil Squirter

Click Here For Amos 'n Andy - Sapphire's Favorite Question to the Kingfish

Click Here for Amos 'n Andy - Kingfish The Aviator

This Link will Forever Be Under Construction to Bring You The Best That The Heath Center Black History Committee Can Bring To You!

Thank You For Your Interest and Your Support of Our Efforts To Serve.